Arctic Shark Center
is a planned research facility, luxury destination and a center of grand experiences.


Become a citizen scientist and learn about the Arctic sea

Join the scientists in their research on the worlds largest predator shark in the Arctic Sea. Along the way you will learn about scientific methods and take part in the journey of DNA sampling and sequencing of the ocean. Wether you stay for a weekend or a week you will return home with new knowledge, a sense of purpose and maybe a certificate or two.

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Discover the island

Arctic Shark Center is located on Andørja, an island with over 20 peaks above 1000m. Enjoy magnificent hikes, thrilling boat-rides or arctic seafishing. Live close with the scientists and discover the breathtaking surroundings.


Enjoy your vacation

Wake up and drink coffee in bed while watching the porpoises jump just meters in front of you. Enjoy lunch or dinner on the terrace, or inside the oceanfront restaurant and finish the day with a drink under the midnight sun - or aurora.
However you choose to plan your day - Arctic Shark Center is not only about exploration and discoveries, but also maximum enjoyment.